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November 28, 2023

As the festive season unfolds and the Christmas spirit envelops our community, there’s no better time to reflect on the significance of supporting local businesses this Christmas. Beyond the glittering lights and joyful celebrations, the heartbeat of any thriving community lies in its local enterprises. These businesses are not just economic engines; they are the essence of our community.

Amidst the hustle and bustle of the holiday shopping rush, it’s crucial to recognise the profound impact our choices can have on the fabric of our local economies. This Christmas we delve into the reasons why embracing and sustaining our local businesses is more important than ever. From fostering a sense of community to bolstering economic resilience, the benefits of supporting local extend far beyond the exchange of goods and services. In this season of giving, let’s explore how our collective commitment to local businesses can create a ripple effect of positivity, ensuring that the festive joy we experience is shared by all.

Here are 10 good reasons to shop at small, local businesses:

  1. Supports local communities and the economy.

Shopping at your local small businesses injects more money into the local economy. Research by Visa discovered that shopping locally can double the amount of money retained in the local economy.

  • Create local jobs.

Supporting local businesses creates jobs in the community, which in turns makes our town a better place to live and work. These jobs provide opportunities for new, young entrepreneurs, designers and retailers.

  • Benefit the environment.

If you choose to shop locally, you are making a positive environmental impact.

  • Get great deals and personal service.

Just like the bigger stores, independent retailers offer reward schemes to regular customers. However, they’ll often go the extra mile by ordering in items you want or recommending suitable products.

  • Find originality and choice.

Small and local businesses provide a range of unique products that aren’t mass produced. If you want an original, quirky present, you’re more likely to find it in an independent shop than a huge store. Local shops support local designers, artists and authors, as well as local food producers and growers, so you can buy products that are unique to the area.

  • Enjoy the convenience.

Popping down to your local shops is easy. And you’re more likely to walk or cycle, which reduces air pollution and traffic congestion.

  • Find quality, not quantity.

Local businesses can’t compete with larger chain stores in terms of quantity, but they don’t need to. Their focus is on the high quality of the things they sell instead.

  • Support local charities.

Many local business owners donate to local charities, so by shopping local you’re helping to increase donations to the non-profits in your community.

  • Encourage Irish entrepreneurs.

By supporting your local businesses, you’re helping the next generation of young entrepreneurs.

  1. Discover sustainable shopping options in the run-up to Christmas.

If you want to buy Christmas gifts that are better for the planet this year, choose to buy local. You’ll be minimising your carbon footprint and supporting your community.

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