Born and raised in the picturesque County of Kerry, on the south west coastline of Ireland, I began my photographic career at the early age of sixteen. Inspired by the natural beauty of my native place, I began a journey of discovery which has become my life’s work. After many years of much disappointment, frustration and technical experimentation, I was finally bestowed with the experience and technique which has allowed me to successfully choose, compose and capture a diverse range of images.

I have been very honoured to receive many tributes accredited to my photographic endeavours however, it still entails being out before dawn, waiting for dusk, traversing the highways and bye ways, from mountain tops to deep valleys, from shoreline to inland heath.

My passion for landscape photography has also brought me good fortune as I have been given many assignments in every continent around the globe. It has allowed me to experience and be astounded by the incredible magnificence of this planet, the diversity of landscapes leaves me speechless.

My photographic work has also caught the attention of editors, publishers, corporate and civic organisations, it also has been viewed by, commented upon and presented to many prominent and eminent people in the world of politics and entertainment. An impressive collection of my photographic work is held in both public and private collections around the world.



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