Transforming Tralee – One Project at a Time

The Tralee Make-Overs programme is operated through Tralee Chamber Alliance, and it presents an opportunity for corporate and community organisations to collaborate on projects that make a lasting difference to the town of Tralee, its inhabitants and visitors.

The Makeover projects are operated under two streams:

  1. CSR Days: For those willing to take part in a CSR day, it is also a fantastic team building and personal development opportunity for employees outside of the normal working environment!
  2. Project Donations: The Tralee Make-overs programme channels vital funds into the Tralee community so that worthy projects in the area can be developed.

The Benefits

  • Make a practical and positive impact on the town’s appearance & environment
  • Learn about Tralee and it’s people
  • Understand the lasting effect you can make on Tralee
  • Help to re-imagine Tralee
  • Have a fun team building day while contributing to a worthwhile initiative
  • Improve Tralee for your staff and visitors to the town

CSR Programme

The logistics of the ‘Make-Over’ CSR action day will be organised by Glan Tralee who are part of the Tralee Chamber Alliance family – including liaising about a specific location, timing, providing a briefing document, providing all equipment needed and leading the group in all activities on the day. These valuable projects can be undertaken under a single action day for ‘mini-makeovers‘ or over a series of ongoing days for ‘extreme makeovers‘ to suit you. Action days can be organised throughout Tralee and the surrounding areas, and we can facilitate both half day/evening (3 hours) and full day sessions (5 hours).

Each project and your team (subject to your approval) will be promoted through all our social media platforms and through the network of businesses and organisations associated with Tralee Chamber Alliance and Glan Tralee.

For our corporate volunteering days, we ask for a donation depending on the group and the project. We can facilitate small groups of less than 10 people to large groups of up to 300. The donations from our ‘Make-Over’ CSRs are put into a budget to operate and fund your Make-Over day, and also through our Tralee Fund, contribute to larger future improvements and ‘extreme makeover’ projects to benefit Tralee.

Register Your Company

You can register your company for a ‘Tralee Make-Over’ Corporate Volunteering day by emailing David at

Add A Project

If you have a project in mind for our ‘Tralee Makeovers’, then contact Ken at

Current Available Projects

Below is a list of current live projects for you to choose from, or if there is a specific project you have in mind, please let us know. Some projects are Quick-Wins (Mini) that a single company or organisation could take on, others are bigger (Extreme) projects that will require multiple donations and teams to come together over a longer period.

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