What do the People who use Tralee want?

We invited them to ‘Talk About Town’

The following data results from a detailed public survey undertaken by Tralee Chamber Alliance between the 6th and 15th of May 2020. The survey accumulated 1,191 responses from Tralee town centre users, on a wide range of questions, which will form a Series of Specific Issues to support informed decisions in the coming weeks and months ahead. The survey will also be used to identify key trends or changes in town use since the Collaborative Town Centre Health Check (2017) and will inform future submissions from Tralee Chamber.

The series of six Specific Issues will focus on the following topics initially and will be released between May and June 2020:

  • ISSUE 1 – Accessing Tralee: How and when people want to access Tralee, views on parking, pedestrianisation and transport

You can now Download Issue 1 here: Results Issue One – Accessing Tralee

  • ISSUE 2 – The Future of Shopping: What the people of Tralee want from their retail experience, what opening hours and services customers want

You can now Download Issue 2 here: Results Issue Two – Retail

  • ISSUE 3 – Pride and Inclusion: How inclusive and accessible is Tralee for all, and what are our views of Tralee, including our level of pride

You can now Download Issue 3 here: Results Issue Three – Pride and Inclusion

  • ISSUE 4 – Sustainable Development: Tralee people’s views on Businesses, Transport, Cleanliness and Biodiversity

You can now Download Issue 4 here: Results Issue Four – Sustainable Development

  • ISSUE 5 – Nightlife: What do the various age groups want from our evening and night-time in Tralee, and what services and opening times do they want

You can now Download Issue 5 here: Results Issue Five – Nighttime Economy

  • ISSUE 6 – Vacancy and Town Use: Views of Tralee people on future uses and changes to the town centre, and what opportunities exist to address town vacancy


These Reports will feed into the Supporting the MyTralee Movement to improve business in Tralee.