Have your Say in Level & Types of Supports Businesses Need in Current Climate: Complete This Survey


As you will know, the network of Chambers from around the country, including Tralee Chamber, has been conducting a series of surveys over the last eight weeks to understand how the Covid-19 crisis has been affecting businesses. The data from these surveys have been used to help redirect Government policies to the areas that will be most impactful in keeping businesses going in these difficult times. As Tralee Chamber work with all our partner Chamber’s in Kerry, and as we are affiliated with Chambers Ireland who are on the LEEF Group, we are directly represented at National level. Tralee Chamber are now also Chair of the Town Centre Chambers Group Nationally which focuses on the town centre policy and programmes.

The data from our surveys provided key information to Government and Local Authorities on the specific impact on the Covid19 crisis in Kerry, and was the only national survey that directly compared the impact on businesses in Kerry to the rest of the country.

The data from these surveys have been vital in our discussions with Government, and supported a move away from loans and towards restart grants, they have been key to our discussions with Government and Local Authorities on Commercial Rates, and these surveys were hugely important in the reforms of the Temporary Wage Subsidy Scheme.

We feed this data into government through the Central Bank, the Department of Business, and the Irish Government Economic and Evaluation Service, so it has a direct role in shaping the policies which are being formulated.

We need your support again with this latest survey – without this data we are all flying blind through this crisis.

As we reopen the economy, the different needs of sectors will become even more apparent and there needs to be clarity on where action is needed most.

In this survey, we are trying to get a sense as to how businesses are doing (who is open, who is re-opening, and who is not), issues around employees, and your experiences with the government policies that have been introduced already.

It typically takes about seven minutes to complete the survey (link below), so in anticipation of that, thank you for your time.


The survey will close at noon on Monday, 1 June.

Ken Tobin
CE, Tralee Chamber