Welcome to GLAN.

GLAN is the Irish word for Clean. Glan also stands for Green Local Area Network

GLAN Tralee is a community movement designed to develop Tralee as a cleaner, greener more environmentally sustainable town.

We are all very aware of the challenges facing our local and global environment but by making small positive changes together we can create a big positive impact. Organisations can support the GLAN Tralee movement by making small commitments designed to make Tralee a cleaner, greener and more environmentally sustainable town. Developing Tralee as a town is a win win scenario. It will be good for the environment, our health and well being, tourism and the local economy.

Tralee is our home and it’s a beautiful and friendly town. Individuals can support the GLAN Tralee movement by becoming GLAN Tralee Ambassadors and helping to promote a sustainable future for our town. As a GLAN Tralee Ambassador, you will be taking an active part in building a clean, green and sustainable town. You will be part of a community that stands up for our home.

Nicer Place To Live, Work And Play

More Irish And International Tourists

A Movement That Will Bring The Community Together

Good For Future Generations Of Tralee People

A Stimulus For Jobs And Economic Growth

Good For Our Health And Well Being

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