The idea for this wasn’t a light bulb moment but a journey over the course of a year between myself and Stewart which began with a pop up tapas night in his cocktail bar Roundy’s in January 2019 of which there were two and then two more later in the year, and with Roundy’s gone we reversed the idea and brought Stewart and his cocktails to Croi for first off, one night then it was for 3 two of them been a tapas special menu.
So 26 days later as it came to an end it was clear what was to come next,  a full time cocktail and tapas bar in the building with Croi , and so begins the story of Cocktail Heist and we will see where it goes from here, serving Irish styled tapas in a very Spanish way but taking inspiration from cuisine around the world with some amazing cocktails , with in house barrel ageing , in house syrups and cordials. we endeavour to create a cocktail experience like no other . we hope you pop by for some cocktails and tapas or sharing boards and add to our story because that is all a restaurant is. A story of the people who work there and those who dine there , so lets tell a story together
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14 Prince’s Street
Phone: Call (066) 712 0685