A Back to Basics Approach to Policing in Tralee

Cluster Gardai – A partnership with businesses

Following on from the success of the See Something, Say Something programme from 2018, the business community of Tralee and the Gardai are fostering greater relations to ensure the town builds on it’s safe and welcoming experience for all visitors.

Launch of Cluster Gardai by Tralee Chamber Alliance and Tralee Garda Station 7.5.19

Tralee Chamber Alliance, through its Cluster programme, is coordinating with the Tralee Gardai Station, to have 14 dedicated patrol Gardai assigned to the Town Centre and Manor West shopping districts of Tralee. These Gardai will be in daily contact with businesses in each of the seven Clusters (Districts) of Tralee.

Commenting on the launch, Ken Tobin of Tralee Chamber Alliance said “Over the past 12 months we have seen considerable improvements in the town, and we are now looking forward to seeing how we can help propel Tralee to be the friendliest, safest, large town in Ireland.”

“In order to get us where we want to be as a town, we are aiming for a Zero-Tolerance approach to anti-social behaviour, business theft and crime. Now with this latest initiative not only will public eyes, through the See Something Say Something campaign be on you, but you will have the entire business community working hand-in-hand with the Gardai to stamp out theft and petty crime.”

Cluster Gardai & Business Community

“We are very conscious that Tralee like many other large urban areas, has its usual crime issues, but that’s not holding us back. We want to support Tralee to be one of the best places to live in Ireland, and leverage that to attract more people to move here. Having met most of the assigned Cluster Guards already, I can say they are genuinely nice people who have a passion for Tralee. They’ll be with us for the next few years and I’m asking the business owners of Tralee to make an effort to get to know them personally.”

Over the coming weeks the programme will be rolling out through the Chamber to all businesses within the town centre, with daily foot and bicycle patrols starting straight away in town.

Sergeant Tim O’Keeffe outlined that “Two Gardai will be directly assigned to each cluster in Tralee to directly liaise with the business owners and will have daily foot and bike patrols. The programme will also see the business owners hold quarterly meetings through the Chamber with their assigned Garda aimed at stamping out theft from shops and other crimes in a preventative manner.”

“This new programme will primarily be in operation from 12pm to 8pm daily, but we are already working with the Chamber on developing some new programmes focused on the night-time activity in Tralee. We are working with Tralee Chamber Alliance as we share their ambitions for Tralee. The ongoing success of the See Something campaign highlights the opportunities that exist to support a better community in Tralee.”

For Further details see your Local Press or contact ken@tralee.ie

See Something Say Something

If you want to report any anti-social behaviour in Tralee, then text TRALEE followed by the Incident details to 50555