Buckley Deasy Assess Ireland specialises in assisting you with your car-assessing requirements including inspections. We appreciate and understand that purchasing or maintaining a vehicle is a challenging and vigorous job. We also understand how complex it is to find a good car and to maintain the vehicle in proper working order.

Our main objective is to make life easier for every vehicle owner. We are situated in Tralee, Co. Kerry and we cater for all vehicles including cars, motorbikes vans, tractors etc. We carefully inspect, check and examine these vehicles for damage and defects.

Usually the vehicles are damaged but we also undertake pre-bought examinations on used cars. Our highly skilled employees call out to scenes of accidents to review any damage to vehicles involved.

With Buckley Deasy Assess you can have peace of mind after our inspections have been done. If your car is damaged, we can assess the extent of this and tell you what measures need to be taken. This vital information can also come in handy for your insurance claims.




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Castlemaine Rd, Ballymullen, Tralee, Co. Kerry, V92 X016

T: (0818) 229 229

E: info@assessireland.com