Project Description

  • Kerry County Enterprise Board
  • Manor West Center Rathass
  • Tel.:+353 (0) 066 7183522
  • Fax.:+353 (0) 066 7126712
  • Website: Click Here

Kerry County Enterprise Board is a local enterprise advisory and support organisation. It is, in effect, a primary resource for those thinking of starting a business or a source of enterprise advice and support for existing small firms. Assistance is provided in two ways 1. Financial Assistance 2. Advice and training supports The Kerry County Enterprise Board was established in 1993 to promote small enterprise and job creation throughout County Kerry. The Board comprises a partnership of 14 members drawn from the Local Authority, State Agencies, Social Partners and Community Organisations. Submitted projects are evaluated by an Evaluation Committee, which recommends approval or refusal to the Board. Enterprise Board staff are easily contacted and available to discuss your business ideas.