DNG WH Giles are actively selling property mostly in North and West Kerry, letting commercial and residential properties and carrying out valuations for many of the leading institutions. This firm carried out many valuations in recent years for N.A.M.A.

The doors of this business have been opened prior to 1900 with the firm of Hussey, Denny & Huggard managing many estates and rent collections throughout Kerry. Hussey was a renowned agent; Denny was a member of the Denny family who owned Tralee and Huggard was the son of a large landlord. However, these gentlemen had no successors and William H. Giles took over the business in 1920, having served his apprenticeship in the office. The business has survived two world wars, with many of the heirs to the estates lost in battle leaving widows and spinsters to deal with the estates. This office managed many properties over the years, some of large land holdings acquired by the Land Commission to divide between small farmers and some of the land near the urban areas split up for residential and commercial developments.

Website: https://dngwhgiles.ie/